Top Five Reasons To Work With Lottu

We are professional catering appliance supplier. To benefit both our distributor and us, we have combined all the best materials for our products and service, all the best just for your satisfaction and long term relationship. 

  1. Safe Material For Food Appliance

    All the parts we use for our products are safe materials for food, all the appliance parts in contact with food are made of stainless steel or their surface are specially treated in conformity with Chinese hygiene standard.

  2. Easy Operable And In High Efficiency

    Our products are design into a safe and energy saving art item. They are easy operable and in high efficiency.

  3. Fashion And Safe Design

    Your customers will like our products for our products’s fashion and modern design.

  4. Long Lifespan

    Our product electric board and heating parts have been tested for thousands of times, they are especially designed for our products.

  5. Certified by CE, UL

    LOTTU leads the market with quality improvements and technological innovations. Our products have earned the state manufacturing license and are certified by CE, UL, and other top organizations.

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